Oxygen Therapy

According to WEBMD High Flow Oxygen Therapy is one of the best treatments to stop a headache. Oxygen therapy relieves headache pain within 15 minutes in more than 7 out of 10 people who use it. It works best when started right when a headache starts.  An added benefit of the oxygen treatment is the immediate energy boost-its better than a cup of coffee!


The treatment is roughly 20 minutes long. You will be welcomed into our tranquil clinic where you will lay down on the roller massage table. The rollers will be adjusted to your comfort level and will reduce tension in your upper back. The lights will be dimmed and if you desire we can place e-stim pads on your neck and shoulders. This helps to relax the muscles that cause headaches. You will breathe 6-8 L/minute of 98% pure oxygen through a small nasal cannula.

nasal cannula

Our Clinic is located in the Austin Ranch Community 1 mile West of the Dallas North Tollway on Windhaven. It is easily accessible from The Dallas North Tollway and Sam Rayburn Tollway Route 121. We are a quick, convenient lunch break stop for employees of Ericsson, Bank of America, Frito Lay, Nebraska Furniture Mart, Apple, and Sysco.


Many insurance plans will cover this treatment once your annual deductible has been met.  The cash price is just $20 without insurance.  If you would like to have a chiropractic consultation after your treatment, it is complementary with your oxygen therapy purchase. It is possible that your headache is caused by a misalignment of the vertebrae in your neck.Hi Flow Oxygen Treatment

We have limited appointments available for online booking. If you do not see a convenient time for you, Please Call or Text 469-585-9346 to schedule your oxygen session.