Low Speed Collisions

Studies show that collisions of only 5 mph can produce an impact of 7-10 Gs, causing whiplash and other injuries, yet there is typically no damage to the car!

Dr. Temple will explain the physics of a low speed injury in the video below:

What is a low speed collision?

Low speed collisions are those that are 10 mph or less. These types of car accidents typically will have little or no property damage to the vehicles involved. Yet, these low speed collisions, with no monetary damage, now make up the majority of injuries resulting from all car accidents.

How can a low speed collision result in injury?

The main reason why is due to car design. Newer cars, from mid 1990’s and up, are being made with stiffer frames and chassis to better withstand higher speed, more serious collisions. As a result of this increased vehicle rigidity, at lower speeds the car does not absorb any of the impact, instead that force is transferred directly to the occupants. Another big factor is that 75% of Americans don’t have their head restraint positioned low speed collision properly. In fact if your head restraint is too low it will actually increase your risk of whiplash. Many times with these low speed car accidents the onset of pain is not immediate and usually appears within several days or weeks after the accident.

How can you get injured if neither car is damaged?

Numerous research studies have shown that there is absolutely no correlation between vehicle damage and risk for injury. Newer model cars are also typically made to withstand collisions up to 10 mph, and sometimes higher speeds, without causing any property damage. A recent study showed that the majority of injuries sustained from auto accidents had no vehicle damage.

Will My Car Insurance Pay for My Injuries if My Car Isn’t Damaged?

Yes!  It will even cover the cost of treatment if you were injured in your friend’s car!   If you carry Texas car insurance, you probably have something called Personal Injury Protection. Most of the drivers in Texas carry $2,500 of this coverage on their car insurance. Unless you took the extra steps of signing an extra document and faxing it back that you absolutely DID NOT want this coverage, then you have it and you pay for it every month. So if you are paying for it every month….why not use it to feel better after your car accident? Just the hassle of having to deal with insurance companies, body shops, getting your car fixed, rental car companies, etc builds up stress in the body. Let us help you ease that stress, feel better, and we will do all of the paperwork and billing for you.

Exactly How Does This Work?

Your first appointment will include a full exam to determine if chiropractic care will help minimize your pain. In most cases three weeks of chiropractic adjustments will help you get rid of neck pain, back pain, and headaches that are caused by car accidents. Even if you have never been to a chiropractor, we can help minimize your pain with massage therapy. After your exam and verification of benefits you have credit towards a therapeutic massage. Massage will help any tight muscles in the neck or back relax, which will also help you feel better faster.

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