Car Accident Injuries The Colony TX

Car Accident injuries are more common after a car crash than you may think.

Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries or MTBI is a form of damage suffered when you have a concussion. Surprisingly, you don’t even have to hit your head to suffer a concussion in a car crash. The sudden jerk of your head causes your brain to become damaged resulting in sometimes very mild symptoms often overlooked at the ER, your family physician or general chiropractor. A true car accident medical expert however, knows the signs and symptoms to detect even mild injuries and provide treatment necessary to return your brain to normal.

Car Accident Injury Symptoms

If you have these symptoms, it’s important to get checked immediately by an expert who works with this specific type of injury.
Neck stiffness/soreness
Restless sleep
Arm or hand tingling, pain or numbness
Blurry vision

Car Accident Injuries

Your first appointment will include a full exam to determine if chiropractic care will help minimize your pain. In most cases three weeks of chiropractic adjustments will help you get rid of neck pain, back pain, and headaches that are caused by car accidents. Even if you have never been to a chiropractor, we can help minimize your pain with massage therapy. After your exam and verification of benefits you have credit towards a therapeutic massage. Massage will help any tight muscles in the neck or back relax, which will also help you feel better faster.

You don’t have to worry about copays or expensive medical bills. All we need is your car insurance information. We will begin by filing a claim on your Personal Injury Protection. This will often cover the entire cost of your treatment with no out of pocket cost to you.

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