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With the rapidly expanding population of The Colony, Plano, Frisco, Carrollton, and Lewisville there has inevitably also been in increase in car accidents.  If you have recently been in an accident you might be looking for a highly specialized Accident Chiropractor to diagnose and treat your injuries.

accident chiropractorAustin Ranch Chiropractic in The Colony is easily accessible from State Highway 121 and Dallas North Tollway. You may have seen our signs off the highway exit ramps.  We are right on the border of Carrollton, Lewisville, Plano, and The Colony near Windhaven Rd and Midway Rd.  Our clinic offers complete chiropractic and massage care for patients with car accident injuries.  We relieve pain, restore full range of comfortable body movement, and will help you with auto insurance claims and legal counsel.

Accident Chiropractors Work With Attorneys

We know how stressful dealing with insurance claims can be, especially if you need to hire a lawyer.  Rest assured that Dr. Temple and Dr. Kinney have years of experience working personal injury attorneys in Dallas. We will partner with your attorney to ensure all the proper documentation is provided, so you’ll have no problems collecting payment from the insurance company. An experienced accident chiropractor is able to clearly show the connection between auto accidents and injuries, so there’s no question that treatment was necessary following your accident.

Because we’re familiar with the legal claims process, we’ll make your attorney’s work simpler. As a courtesy to our patients, we’re more than happy to accept a Letter of Protection (LOP) from your attorney in lieu of payment at the time of service. An LOP is an agreement that once your attorney recovers compensation, we will receive payment for your medical bills.

What Does an Accident Chiropractor do?

Your first appointment will include a full exam to determine if chiropractic care will help minimize your pain. In most cases three weeks of chiropractic adjustments will help you get rid of neck pain, back pain, and headaches that are caused by car accidents. Even if you have never been to a chiropractor, we can help minimize your pain with massage therapy. After your exam and verification of benefits you have credit towards a therapeutic massage. Massage will help any tight muscles in the neck or back relax, which will also help you feel better faster.

Watch this video to see exactly what your treatment will be like in our office


I Don’t Have/ Don’t Want An Attorney

Depending on your case, you may not need or want to use a personal injury attorney.  In such cases we have experience direct billing the car insurance company.  If the accident was not your fault and you want the responsible party to pay,  we highly recommend that you consult legal counsel.   We have great relationships with several personal injury attorneys in the Dallas area will recommend one who will best suit your needs.


Will My Car Insurance Pay for My Injuries if My Car Isn’t Damaged?

YES! This is called a low speed collision. Studies show that collisions of only 5 mph can produce an impact of 7-10 Gs, causing whiplash and other injuries, yet there is typically no damage to the car!

But don’t worry, if you carry Texas car insurance, you probably have something called Personal Injury Protection. Most of the drivers in Texas carry $2,500 of this coverage on their car insurance. Unless you took the extra steps of signing an extra document and faxing it back that you absolutely DID NOT want this coverage, then you have it and you pay for it every month. So if you are paying for it every month….why not use it to feel better after your car accident? Just the hassle of having to deal with insurance companies, body shops, getting your car fixed, rental car companies, etc builds up stress in the body. Let us help you ease that stress, feel better, and we will do all of the paperwork and billing for you.

Will My Car Insurance Pay for My Injuries if The Accident Was My Fault?

YES! Personal Injury Protection is a no-fault policy. In the State of Texas, everyone automatically has Personal Injury Protection (also known as PIP) on their car insurance policy. You will not have to pay for your treatment if you use your PIP.  They will even pay for your injuries if you hurt your back lifting something heavy out of the trunk of your car, or if you slip on the ice and fall into your car!

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